Asset Management Solutions

Self Tracking of ANY Asset is now a Reality. Smart Business Asset Management, Automated Asset Registers, Self Tracking of ANY Assets Simple, Fast and Efficient Anywhere.

RF Asset Tag Solutions Provide:

  • Customer & Equipment Tracking Capability for Skip Traces
  • Huge Intimidation Value reduce Customer Chancing opportunities
  • Reduces Insurance Costs as Assets are now managed due to tagging Solutions
  • Protects equipment Misuse or Abuse from staff doing Private Jobs opportunities
  • Online Web Portal enables Self Monitoring of equipment / Professional Recovery available
  • Up to 7 Year Battery Life
  • Indefinite Revenue Protection for:
    1. Bank Loan Repayment Periods
  • Completely stand alone device…
  • Don’t touch any electronics Vehicle /PC
  • Self Recovery Capability for:
    1. Payment Default, Rented Equipment
    2. Stolen or Misplaced Equipment, extra peace of mind

Web Based Monitoring via RF Base Stations to field deployed RFID Tag

Allows Monitoring of “ANYTHING” Tracking of it & Recovery if required

Cable Tags – Fence Tags – Electric Fence Tags – Animal Tags – Tamper Tags – Cell Tags – Door Tags – Bike Tag – Car Tag – Crash Prevention Tags – Spider Tags – Pylon Tags – Asset Tags – Panic Tags – Fuel Tags – Laptop Tags – Helmet Tags – Motion Tags – Vibration Tags – Battery Tags – Fire Tags – Conveyor Tags – TV Tags – Recovery Tags – and so much more….

Asset Management & Protection Applications

  • It features a full 3-axis accelerometer
  • Over the air (OAT) configuration
  • All the long range RFID Tags have a recovery range of up to +30km
  • The CABLECop CO models are highly sensitive to vibration triggers
  • The Models get triggered by vibrations (shock impulses) configurable for durations exceeding 2/4/8/16 seconds.
  • The CABLECop C@ models are sensitive to roll/pitch angle triggers. The model gets triggered by the movement in angles exceeding 20/45/90/120 degrees.
  • Battery Life expectancy from 5 Years.

Battery Life expectancy from 5 Years. Fence Protection with Real Time Tampering Notification… 65 km RF … and installations

Arms & Ammunition Tracking, Recovery – Automated Asset Registers

Self or Professional Recovery of Weapons for:

  • Police
  • Army
  • Traffic
  • Security Companies

Instant Information availability:

  • Incident
  • Event Playback
  • Training purposes

Real Time Online Recording of:

  • Cocking
  • Shots Fired
  • Reloading – all detected through
  • Vibration Recording

Enabling Smart Business Management for Financed Assets – Our Proposed Solution Track Record to Date…Through Tried and Tested Technology De-Risking Businesses and Owners for over 12 Years

  • To Date: 3 800+ Base Stations in SA alone, rolling out daily…
  • 88 000 + existing Asset RF Tags+ , increasing daily for Monitoring & Recovery of Your Assets…
  • 18 000 + Vehicles have been fitted with the technology to date…
  • Currently 12 Tenders won actively in hand for Asset Management… Msunduzi(PMB)
  • Stellenbosch, Jozini, Ekurhuleni, SASSA, SARS, Film & Publication Board, Liquor
  • Board, Vodacom Lesotho, Dollar Thrifty, JD Group, EDCON…
  • National Infrastructure Protection Customers to date include, Swazi
  • Post & Telecomm., PRASA, ESKOM, CoCT, Emfuleni, Rustenburg…
  • 32 Mines in total for all disciplines of Human & Asset protection and SASOL…
  • Farm Security and Animal Protection, various solutions including, Rhino Protection, Security
  • Building & Asset Management – RMB…