Standby Generator Monitoring

We monitor actual conditions not what is reported by the Genset controller.

This provides a real time picture of Mains supply, Genset operation and Load events.


Diesel level monitoring


Historical events can be reviewed and data exported in CSV format


Real time alarms


Genset is working – peace of mind


Diesel management – timeous restocking & theft management


History of events to pick up trends


Proactive response to equipment failures


Service intervals on motor


Events Monitored

  • Battery Level – making sure Generator can start
  • Emergency Stop – show when the emergency stop has been activated and resets satus when deactivated. Should the emergency stop be activated for more than one hour then the alarm is sent out
  • Engine Run Time – Total accumulated hours it has run. Can set alarm when engine reached set amount of hours, for serving
  • Engine Temperature – continuous reading even when off
  • Fuel Level – HIGH and LOW, high = full, low= set in software on modem + website.
  • External Tank Fuel Level – HIGH and LOW, high = full low= set in software on modem + website.
  • GenSet Status –ON or OFF – Shows graph when it was on and how long each time switched on
  • Load Supply –is there actual load going out – is generator working
  • Mains power – Shows when Utility supply fails and when it is restored
  • Normal Message – Checks if load on or off.
  • Warning Message – If mains failure then Genset waits to see of there is a load – if no load send message – Genset tripped
  • If there is load – output from gen then sends message – Load to building


Generator Run Time

Fuel Tank Level

Truteq Web Based Customer Site Interface Software Solutions

Real Time Telemetry Monitoring Interface

Alarm log – Reports for accreditation

Alarm logging

Real Time Positioning

Real Time Finger On the Pulse

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