Standby Generator Monitoring

  • We monitor actual conditions not what is reported by the Genset controller
  • This provides a real time picture of Mains supply, Genset operation and Load events
  • Diesel level monitoring
  • Historical events can be reviewed and data exported in CSV format
  • Real time alarms

What does this give you?

  • Genset is working – peace of mind
  • Diesel management – timeous restocking & theft management
  • History of events to pick up trends
  • Proactive response to equipment failures
  • Service intervals on motor



Events Monitored

  • Battery Level – making sure Generator can start
  • Emergency Stop – show when the emergency stop has been activated and resets satus when deactivated. Should the emergency stop be activated for more than one hour then the alarm is sent out
  • Engine Run Time – Total accumulated hours it has run. Can set alarm when engine reached set amount of hours, for serving
  • Engine Temperature – continuous reading even when off
  • Fuel Level – HIGH and LOW, high = full, low= set in software on modem + website.
  • External Tank Fuel Level – HIGH and LOW, high = full low= set in software on modem + website.
  • GenSet Status –ON or OFF – Shows graph when it was on and how long each time switched on
  • Load Supply –is there actual load going out – is generator working
  • Mains power – Shows when Utility supply fails and when it is restored
  • Normal Message – Checks if load on or off.
  • Warning Message – If mains failure then Genset waits to see of there is a load – if no load send message – Genset tripped
  • If there is load – output from gen then sends message – Load to building


Generator Run Time

Fuel Tank Level

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Real Time Telemetry Monitoring Interface

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