A Monitoring Solution

We measure and record parameters and events in real time on site.

Typical parameters we measure:

  • Temperatures – in ovens, incubators, fridges, freezers, coldrooms
  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • Metering – electricity, water, gas


  • Logical outputs from equipment – alarm relays
  • Level monitors
  • Lead detectors – for flood and water leak detection

Multiple sites

  • Multiple sites can be monitored on the same hosted site.
  • For example multiple standby generator sites can be monitored simultaneously in real time. As they are moved around the GPS location is identified on a map. Such parameters such as diesel levels, run time ect are monitored in real time.
  • If it can be measured by a sensor then we can monitor it, record it and alarm it!

Data & Alarms

  • Measured parameters and events are logged in real-time. The readings are displayed on a web hosted site.
  • Data for each measured event can be retrieved in CSV format for use buy the customer for accreditation and analyses.
  • Threshold limits for measured parameters are set in the software. When limits are exceeded alarm notification is sent out either as an SMS or email or both. The alarm is not cleared until an authorized person signs in and records what action was taken to rectify the alarm.
  • The history of alarm events can be retrieved in a report in PDF format. This provides a trail for audit purposes. Individual alarms can be recalled at any time for audits and traceability.

Remote control of devices

  • Reactive actions based on events can be programmed. For example leak detection can switch off valves to water pipes.
  • Motors can be switched off and on based on predefined criteria from the software.
  • Motor s can be switched on and off based on predetermined schedules.
  • Manual switching on of pumps and devices can be done via the website.

We can consult on replacing & integrating laboratory and industrial applications.


Our Services

Standby Generator




Asset Management


Lots of companies can monitor, but few have our alarm and data capture capability.

When customers need traceability on measurements we have teamed with SANAS accredited labs to proved equipment and onsite calibrations.

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Because of our many years experience and wide range of industries we have covered.

We are uniquely placed to solve and source solutions.