The loss and underutilisation of mobile healthcare assets costs the healthcare sector millions of rands each year. Particularly for acute hospitals, it’s a challenging task to keep track of equipment with staff clocking up hours and kilometres searching for available devices or out-of-service equipment. RFiD Discovery provides an affordable and scalable Asset Tracking solution that enables users to improve the management of medical devices and other assets. The system is ideal for tracking medical devices, beds, mattresses, wheelchairs, gas cylinders, laptops and communication devices.

How does RFID in Healthcare Asset Management work?

Active RFID For accurate real-time location tracking each medical device is fitted with an active RFID tag which transmits its unique ID at pre-set intervals. Signals are picked up by a network of fixed readers or by handheld readers. Location data is then transferred to a central database, which can be integrated with the trust’s asset management database. Passive RFID Due to their lower cost, UHF tags can be attached to all assets and often replace existing asset labels. Tags are detected with a specialist RFID trolley or handheld readers, enabling fast and accurate auditing for improved inventory management.

GS1 asset labelling is totally flexible and can range from simply providing compliant labels and label printers on to a complete RFID track and trace system to support your inventory and asset management. Labels are designed to meet a high specification required of the medical industry in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.

Passive RFID tags will replace the existing asset labels. The RFID will incorporate a GS1 barcode carrying a Global Asset Identifier (GIAI). When read by a scanner, the label broadcasts its unique ID. Signals are picked up by the scanner and sent to a central database, which records the location of the asset.

Tags are ideal for identifying any type of asset including medical services, beds, wheelchairs, fire extinguishers, gas bottles, PCs and communication devices.