Temperature monitoring equipment is a smart and safe way to avoid risking damage to your goods. Through the use of wireless temperature monitoring you can have the confidence that your products will stay in top quality condition, whether they are in storage, or on the move – from point to point of origin to the point of destination.

Temperature monitoring equipment can be installed on all types of mobile and static cold store and refrigeration equipment. It means you can easily monitor product items that need to be stored under strict temperature controlled conditions.

Refrigerated trucks help ensure the freshness and safety of goods that can travel as near as across town to as far as across the country (and sometimes to another country). They play a vital role in getting fresh produce and foods to people all around the world, but they also have another important role: transporting medication and similar perishables.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why they are so critical and widely used. If we could not refrigerate goods as they are being transported from one place to the next, quality, safety and selection would suffer as people would be forced to travel far and wide to get access to perishable goods – or go without. Hence refrigerated trucks play a huge role in today’s economy and they take up a large share of the transportation market.

Benefits of Temperature monitoring

Cost savings

If you are in the business of transporting goods, then you know how important it is to deliver top of the line products in peak condition to your customers. If you refrigeration equipment is subpar or not working properly, you could lose thousands of Rands in spoiled products, destroy future transactions with clients and gain a bad association with your company name.

When shipping goods that have a sensitive expiration date there is little room for error. With fresh produce for example, you cannot let your food spoil. If that does happen, the food will need to be drastically marked down in price, or worse thrown away. If you are shipping or storing items that need a specific temperature maintained, even a few degrees higher or lower can make the world of difference. This is especially true with pharmaceutical products and by not having remote temperature monitoring equipment; you put your company at great risk.

With our temperature monitoring solutions you can expect certain features such as:

  • Easy to use software
  • Email and text message alarms in the event of any issues or complications
  • Automatic email reporting, according to your specific needs.
  • Cloud based solutions which allow for the simple login with any device, that has a web connection, such as a PC, laptop or a smart phone.
  • Equipment installed by fully trained staff
  • Allowing your staff to monitor temperatures without having to actually enter the cold storage unit, bringing efficiency to the workplace.

Peace of Mind

Of course one of the greatest benefits that comes with utilising remote temperature monitoring equipment in your business is peace of mind. After installation, you will have the luxury of constant vigilance, which is especially important for high value items. Any essential information that you need regarding temperature, can easily be accessed with internet, and all data is updated in real time, which minimises errors.

With the cost savings, multiple features and peace of mind that accompanies remote temperature control, it is easy to see why so many companies use this valuable tool. We know our clients feel safer doing business knowing that the monitoring equipment is in place and functioning at optimal levels.