Standby Generator Control and Monitoring

Standby Generator Control and Monitoring

It is critical that in the event of a power failure, your Standby Generator kicks in. Your emergency power system must work every time. Remote monitoring of a standby generator helps to ensure that the emergency power system is ready for the next power failure. If a problem occurs, you need to be alerted immediately.

With the Angrid Generator Monitoring and Control system you can remotely start or stop your standby generator and monitor its run status, temperature, power output and more.

Remotely start and stop generator, control transfer switch’s, monitor power status, generator power status. In addition the Angrid Standby generator monitor can monitor the generator’s engine block, engine coolant, ambient temperatures and fuel tank level.

Our system can be retrofitted to existing standby power systems since it does not rely on any engine controller.

How the Angrid Standby Generator Monitoring system works

A relay in the controller is connected to the generator’s start contact for remote generator start and stop functions. A “Run Status” signal from the generator is connected to the input of the controller. The temperature sensors are then connected to the engine coolant and ambient air for remote monitoring.

The Angrid monitoring system offer the options of utility and generator voltage monitoring and transfer switch control. These parameters can then be remotely monitored and controlled using a web browser, email or sms alerts when the generator experiences conditions that are outside of the set parameters. The controller measures actual values including utility and generator output voltage, frequency, current, power and, fuel tank levels. Just about any parameter can be measured provided that a transducer is available to convert the analogue value.

The Angrid System is very flexible with user setup screens for customising the label texts, alarm set points and colours on the monitoring screen. The user can select multiple parameters to be recorded to a log file at time intervals as short as every second. These log files can then be downloaded and viewed to study event history.

Genset Monitoring Software Simplified

Genset Monitoring Software Simplified

Genset remote monitoring software takes the phrase ‘keeping your eye on the ball” to a whole new level. Now it becomes the ‘virtual eye” which allows you to watch and monitor your generators online when physical on-site visits are not possible.

We have all had the experience of utility power failures, hence the use of commercial standby power generators. They conveniently provide backup power to many types of small, medium and large enterprises. With remote monitoring software on your emergency generator, it interfaces into the generator control panel. Since the software is a cloud-based system, it gives the operator the capability in real time to monitoring and manage the generator.

The remote monitoring system is connected directly to the operator giving them a complete overview of the generators status and any alarms or faults all from one screen accessible via desktop, tablet or cell phone. Real time health and system operation is now visible in real time.

The set up varies a great deal on the scale of your operation, as all dashboards and parameters can be personalised to your particular business. When choosing a remote monitoring system, the generator system designer must consider certain control variables such as the generator control panel, the communications interface modules, telephone networks, modems, computers or PC’s and the generator system itself.

So what do we do for you?

  • Assess your business and come up with a solution for all your remote control requirements.
  • Install the system on all stand by generators (Multiple sites can be monitored on the same hosted site.) For example multiple standby generator sites can be monitored simultaneously in real time. As they are moved around the GPS location is identified on a map. Such parameters such as diesel levels, run time etc. are monitored in real time.
  • Set up and configure the remote monitoring system, integrating your needs on to the user dashboard.

We take the complexities out of the system set up and provide our clients with a complete solution. Remote wireless monitoring allows the customer to observe the generator function, set certain operation parameters, and receive maintenance reminders at a distance from the generator system 24 hours a day, seven days a week.